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2004   Pecs, Hungary    Invitational Fine Art Exhibition.   Gallery Pecs


1985   Philadelphia, PA   “Works on Handmade Paper”    Woodmere Art Museum


1984   Atlanta, GA   “Paper Works”    Image South Gallery


1983   Elkins Park, PA   “15th All Media Craft Invitational”    Gallery 500


1979   Paris, France   “Hungarian Miniature Textiles”    National Modern Art Museum

       Cortland, MN   “Modern Hungarian Textiles Today”

       Pecs, Hungary   “Applied Arts Exhibition”    Studio Gallery

       New York, NY   “Modern Textiles from Hungary”    New York State University

       Vienna, Austria   “Textile in Light    Solo exhibition in Gordis Gallery


1978   Aalborg, Denmark   “Modern Hungarian Textile Art”   Nordjylland Kunst Museum

       Copenhagen, Denmark   “Hungarian Textile Exhibition”

       Arhus, Denmark   “Miniature Textile Biennial”   Saint Nicholaus Church

       Szombathely, Hungary   “5th Wall and Sculptural Textile Art”   Savaria Museum

       Warsaw, Wroclav, Poland   “Modern Hungarian Textile and Fiber Art” 

       Paris, France   “Driadi Textile Exhibition”   Invitational, Eliane Martin Gallery


1977   Paris, France   “International Fiber Art”   Centre Pompidou

       Sydney, Australia  “Collection of the 2nd International Exhibition of

                              Miniature Textiles, from London UK”

       Helsinki, Finland   “Hungarian Fiber Art Today   Amos Anderson Art Museum

       Lausanne, Switzerland   “Collection of the 2nd International Exhibition of 

                              Miniature Textiles, from London UK”


1976   London, UK   “International Fiber Exhibition”   Vigo Steinberg Gallery

       Milano, Italy   “Hungarian Applied Arts”    Lyda Levy Gallery

       London, UK   “2nd International Exhibition of Miniature Textiles   British Crafts Center

       Budapest, Hungary    “Tritt Experimental Fiber Art” 

       Leipzig, Germany   “Hungarian Fiber Art”    Grassi Museum

       Szombathely, Hungary   “4th Wall and Sculptural Textile Art”   Savaria Museum

       Warsaw, Poland   “Hungarian Miniature Textiles    MDM Gallery

       Annecy, France   “Textil Appliques    Musee – Chateau D’ Annecy

       Tunis, Tunisia   “Modern Hungarian Fiber Art”    Gallery Yahia 


1975   Angers, France   “Festival D’ Anjou”  International Grant, Musee des Beaux Art

       Velem, Hungary   “Experimental Fiber Art”   National Grant

       Budapest, Hungary   “Jubilee Exhibition of Applied Arts”    Palace of Arts

       Algiers, Algeria   “Contemporary Hungarian Fiber Art”   Museum of Modern Art

       Szombathely, Hungary   “1st Miniature Textile Biennial   Savaria Museum

       Graz, Austria   “Contemporary Fiber Art from Hungary    Kunst Haus


1974   Szombathely, Hungary   “3rd Wall and Sculptural Textile Art”   Savaria Museum

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