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Mixed Media Artist



Gabriella Farkas grew up in a small community in Hungary, where she spent most of her time in nature and had early experiences of learning how to process wool. It is then that she fell in love with the process and after studying classic weaving methods, including Aubusson Gobelin techniques, began branching out in search of new approaches and materials to experiment with for creating her exquisitely crafted pieces.


Gabriella’s work varies in scale from miniature textiles to three story fiber sculptures and wall hangings. She translates her concepts using an array of natural and man made materials including wool, sizal, jute, thread, silk ribbons, Japanese fiber paper, flax ropes, plastic tubes, foils. Seeking to convey the juxtapositions of emotion and life through the intricate details, colors, patterns and process of her work, she creates elements that are delicate yet heavy, earthy and modern. Her abounding creative talent almost speaks to the viewer through each twist and silent interlacing thread.


Gabriella attended the High School of Fine Arts and Music in Pecs, and received her diploma from the College of Applied Arts in Budapest. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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